Rimini, 16th October 2017 – Calliope, the brand bringing forward the glamourous side of everyday fashion inside the Italian fast fashion corporate group Teddy, celebrated the opening of its 100th point of sale in the world, a new store in Davao, Philippines, which is also the first opened in the Philippines' market.

The opening is just another step forward in its development strategy, which has been implemented thanks to a growing number of franchisees and plans for the opening of 30 new points of sale in Italy and abroad for the current year.  

Italy is Calliope's core target market.  Even though it is a young brand, just 10 years-old, Calliope can rely on the 30-year retail experience of Gruppo Teddy, which is a great asset, above all when it is time to choose the best locations.

Among Teddy brands, Calliope, targeting men and women aged between 25 and 40, represents a modern, balanced and stylish product.  A style defined glamour light for its distinguishing elements, making it unique in the fast fashion market: modern, not-sensationalist, but marked by grit and strong character.

Calliope has carried out important changes in the last two years.  The brand launched a renovated website, on which customers can have a look at all the items of the collections.   The next step will be Calliope e-commerce, which will be operational next November with the domain www.calliope.style. Furthermore, the brand is working on two new clothing lines to meet the needs of its consumers, which will be launched in the new two years. In particular, a new female underwear line is being designed, which will start to be sold in some selected stores together with the next Spring/Summer collection.

Another important element of change for Calliope has been its point of sale.  Calliope-branded stores are all located in town centres and shopping centres and feature a modern, essential design, with an international twist, but still strongly marked by a truly Italian imprint.  

The shopping paths inside the store are carefully designed, thus reinforcing the distinction among the different shopping areas. Everything is meant to provide an all-round shopping experience, engaging and meticulously planned in every detail, from music to scents, with the opportunity to subscribe to the Glam Card, Calliope customer loyalty scheme.  Calliope sales staff in the points of sale are always helpful and ready to fulfil customers' requests.

Calliope’s target is thus diversified thanks to the large range of menswear, womenswear products, not to mention its accessories.


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