Dressing people to make
our dream come true

We're a global fast fashion company
with an Italian heart and a great dream.

Our dream

“Teddy’s dream isn’t something that serves just to communicate noble principles; it should be the compass that guides our culture, the way we work every day within the company”.
Vittorio Tadei

Our dream is to build up a large, global company with a huge turnover. This turnover would allow the company to expand and create jobs, and part of its annual net profits would be used to help the less fortunate, through social work both in Italy and abroad.

Our dream is to build up a company in which people, both young and more mature, manage to give their lives meaning through their work.

Our dream is to build up a company where for every five so-called “normal” employees, there is one with problems, and that the five so-called “normal” employees will assist those who are less fortunate in their work and help them live a normal life. Only through work people can earn dignity.

Our dream is to create a courageous managerial group, which is responsible, competent, fearlessly faces the future, and manages to transmit such values to those who follow in their footsteps.




Our brands

How do we express all our passion for beauty and creativity? Through our brands Terranova, Rinascimento, Calliope, Miss Miss, Kitana and QB24 - that, although very different, are the product of the same corporate culture. That’s how we accompany our customers throughout their life.

Retail and wholesale: our business

We create products and have the capacity to distribute them with a great added value compared to others – we like to do business with other entrepreneurs. For this reason, all our business models were designed thanks to our partners and have grown with them, as 50 years of history clearly show.


Our franchise stores
We have expanded thanks to our franchise formula and entrepreneurs who chose our brands for their business venture. Now, alongside them, in hundreds of streets, squares and shopping centres, we’re enjoying success in the world of fast fashion.

Wholesale distribution
Every day, thanks to 19 distributors in 12 countries, we take Made in Italy ready fashion around the world to thousands of boutiques and department stores, with a “cash and carry” offer that’s updated weekly and continual research on different styles, in order to quickly respond to the latest trends.

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Retail and wholesale

Rinascimento and
Calliope stores


hours of
training provided

million consolidated


million Ebitda

billion Group
revenue at
retail prices

Our people

There are almost 3,000 of us now, in numerous countries, and we’re continuing to grow. What makes us stand out? A strong sense of belonging, the desire to create something great and the enthusiasm to make our customers happy. We always play to win, in a fantastic friendly atmosphere, spurred on by passion, dedication and know-how.



Who wouldn’t want to construct something great in their life like the company described in our Dream? That’s why the Teddy Dream isn’t only the dream of its founder, but basically the dream of every one of us.

Alessandro Bracci,
General Manager


Do you want to
work with us?

Don't apply if you're just an employee, we want entrepreneurs of themselves. 
Who are we looking for? We’re looking for enthusiastic people with the desire to become protagonists of their own life and help build a company that’s a market leader.



For years, TEDDYlife has been the group?s in-house communication magazine. It?s now expanding outside Teddy to tell you all about the history of our brands, our people, how we?ve developed and the great ideals that spur us on every day.



What helped Teddy grow: an interview with Alessandro Bracci

The interview of Alessandro Bracci by the Italian journalist and anchorman at Pambianco Fashion Summit.



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In 2018 Teddy Group developed its sales network in Italy and all over the world, achieved greater profitability (adjusted ebitda 77.2 m, 12% of the turnover) with stable consolidated sales (? 642 m)

In a difficult market context, Teddy consolidates its positions and keeps on going along its development path, meant to be steady and sustainable over time.
Its development is also supported by the investments made to help the company grow, targeting the sales network and marketing management, which totalled ? 32.2 M in the past financial year. Further investments were made on the growth of employees, by providing training that exceeded a total amount of one million Euros in 2018.
The sales network in Italy and abroad kept being expanded at a steady pace in 2018, with more than 90 openings in 14 countries.


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