Terranova is a sunny, cheerful brand, born in a land warmed by a passion for life and for beauty: Italy. We put the same passion into our collections.

We love to offer products that appeal to young people, which are easy to wear and on trend, made with an eye for detail and in a wide range of colours. They come in three key styles: easy-glam, urban and sporty.

We love to provide affordability and what is the best value for money on the market.

And we love having an honest and close relationship with all our customers. Because together, life’s so much better.

Lines: men, women, kids, accessories, underwear. 446 shops, 40 countries, 14 collections a year, e-commerce in 16 countries.






Rinascimento is a feminine brand that is chic and rock ’n’ roll, sophisticated and versatile; it is the expression of a femininity that hides a certain feistiness and the awareness of being an all-round woman who is romantic when she has to be, but also determined and tenacious, living life always in the starring role.

In just a few years, the brand has captivated retailers and the public, becoming the ambassador for top-of-the-range, Made in Italy fast fashion. Thanks to Italian production, fast store restocking, the ability to respond to the latest trends in real time, excellent value for money, creativity and great variety it can satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Lines: women, accessories. 16 wholesale outlets, 12 countries, 5,000,000 pieces sold in 90 countries, 8 sample collections, 10,000 models a year, 200 articles a week, 120,000 pieces sold a week, e-commerce in 28 countries.






In the world of fast fashion, Calliope is the only brand that, with all-Italian taste, offers a modern, clean and fashionable style we call “light glamour”. The collection is always up-to-date, but never extreme and is sold in unique concept stores with an international feel. The brand is designed for men and women aged 25 - 40 who want to dress fashionably, but without being over-the-top. It offers a unique purchasing experience in stores boasting a minimal and contemporary design.  

Lines: men, women, accessories. 85 shops, 20 countries, 14 collections a year.






Miss Miss is dedicated to a positive, happy and bubbly woman who loves to express her personality, whilst steering clear of excess. She’s a versatile woman who loves to mix styles, achieving a trendy look with a personal touch that means she doesn’t look like everyone else – a look that’s ideal for any time of day. A smart woman, aware of her time, sure of her identity and for this very reason, open to the world. A woman who doesn’t stand on formality – either in the way she dresses or when expressing her feelings – and determined to cultivate her talents.

Miss Miss is a fast fashion brand that distributes Made in Italy pieces wholesale; it quickly offers the latest trends and focuses on detailed research in fabrics.

Lines: women. 3 wholesale outlets, 15 distributors worldwide, 49 countries, 8 sample collections, 4,000 models a year, 100 articles a week.






Kitana is the Italian fast fashion brand marked by a modern and dressy style, designed for women ranging from Italian size 46 (US: 10; UK: 12) to Italian 52 (US: 18; UK: 20). Fashionable clothing, comfortable and easy to wear, which are designed to bring out and point to the femininity and beauty of curvy women, with a special attention to dress fitting, choice of the fabrics and fashion content. Kitana, a Made-in- Italy brand, targets a sparkling and city woman, who follows the latest trends and pays attention to the quality of her clothing. With Kitana, quality and Italian taste mix with the great variety of fast fashion to give women the opportunity to choose from always new and trendy clothing every week.

Lines: women, accessories.
Distributed in 60 countries, 8 sample books every year, B2B e-commerce.





QB24 is much more than a menswear line. It is a pinch of extraordinary, every moment of the day. It is a desire to experience everything with intensity. It is the search of comfort and style. Because QB is “Quanto Basta” for a man to fully enjoy his day. Particular attention is paid material and details, garments and accessories that accompany you with casualness and elegance in every occasion. From the office to leisure time. From the adrenaline rush of the morning the pleasant relaxation of the evening. From formal to informal.

Lines: men, accessories




Retail franchising

Success with the right partner - our franchise formula.

1988. The first Terranova shop opens. Nobody could have predicted then what would happen next: over 500 shops in 40 countries under the Terranova, Rinascimento and Calliope brands, thousands of shop windows where, every day, in every part of the world, we show what we’re about and how we see and interpret trends, offering our customers the best products at the best prices.


In over 50 years of history, all our efforts, know-how and ability to do business and our Group’s entrepreneurial culture have always been exalted and consolidated by the entrepreneurs who have embarked on and shared this great adventure with us. Franchising isn’t just a great opportunity, but the identity and vision of the entire Group and the driving force for constant growth around the world.


Who are we looking for?
Franchisees suited to the Terranova, Rinascimento and Calliope business are partners with whom we establish long-term relationships, with entrepreneurial and investment skills and know-how and knowledge of the market.

The features of our franchise formula
We offer our partners a dream, brand value, international know-how, an excellent return on their initial average investment, services and an “on consignment” formula, with a constant and guaranteed margin of earnings on store takings.




On consignment: no unsold stock
Our franchisees only run a calculated risk because they only pay for what they sell, without running the risk of being left with unsold stock, which remains at the expense of Teddy. Furthermore, they do not have the burden of having to select samples and restocking.

Constant and guaranteed margin on store takings 
A great safety blanket for our franchisees is the margin on takings that remains unchanged, even during sales periods.




Location analysis
Nothing is left to chance. Before each store opening our Development Team analyses store potential, taking into consideration market elements, as well as the historical results of the chain, the customer catchment basin, footfall, the store location and the presence of competitors.

Turnkey store
Teddy works with integrated and specialist suppliers, a group of professionals that accompanies the franchisee during store planning, providing furnishings and supervising work until opening day, supporting the franchisee all the time the store is in business.

Life-long training
This is key to guaranteeing the growth of the store. Each year, both at the company offices and in pilot stores, experts train in-store staff and after the shop opens, continue to support the franchisee and his/her team, from sales strategies through to visual merchandising. And all investment in training is at the expense of Teddy.

Communication and marketing
With the support of our marketing department, franchisees always have up-to-date communication material and promotional and visual strategies coordinated by a dedicated team and all this is constantly monitored through assessment of store performance.

Computerized store
Thanks to our management programme, franchisees can simply and effectively run and control all store activities, from sales statistics through to restock management and managing the warehouse - all factors key to store performance.






Wholesale: real made in italy fast fashion

Speed, trends, Made in Italy, accessible prices; this is what Italian ready fashion is all about and we have been champions of this since our foundation, when the international giants didn’t exist in Italy or abroad.

Thanks to integrated suppliers and a network of distributors and agents, B2B ecommerce and market place, our Rinascimento and Miss Miss ready fashion brands reach thousands of boutiques and department stores. 

We guarantee our customers an offer that’s updated every week, with constant research into different styles in order to promptly respond to fashion trends, with rapid restocking of the latest pieces, so retailers can respond to customer requirements even more quickly.

Distribution figures
5,000,000 pieces sold in 90 countries through 7,000 store owners.

Distribution channels
Wholesalers, b2b e-commerce and market place, agents and department stores.

2017 highlights

consolidated turnover



Billion Group takings at retail prices

Terranova, Rinascimento and Calliope stores


countries retail and wholesale presence

new store
in 2017

trade customers

million Ebitda

new markets: Azerbaijan, Bahrain and Switzerland

Rinascimento and Miss wholesale outlets in 12 countries

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