About us

Our vision

We build our dream by dressing people.


"What has always fascinated me about Teddy is its Dream. In fact, even before hearing about its Dream, I came across about the people who were living the Dream and was fascinated by them; starting with Vittorio Tadei and then lots of other people, all of them different, with the most varied stories to tell, who were embodying their work to the full and – each in their own way – were facing the entrepreneurial and values-driven challenges our founder had shaped into the Dream.

This is exactly what fascinated me and what fascinated and continues to fascinate hundreds of people who work together to build Teddy every day; young people and the not so young, employees, collaborators, customers, suppliers, friends and colleagues.

Who wouldn’t want to build something great in their life like the company described in the Dream? That’s precisely why the Teddy Dream isn’t only the dream of its founders, but fundamentally the dream of every one of us. This is why, every day we invest all our passion, creativity, skills and know-how to build a company that aims to be a world leader in fast fashion.

We’re dreamers, but our eyes are wide open! We always have our sights firmly set on the reality of the market and the needs of our customers and we’re very pragmatic in this. We never feel fully satisfied, we know that every day we also have to learn what we thought we already knew. Above all, we know we have to offer our customers a product that lives up to their expectations and our Dream.
This is our recipe for enjoying work, growing and lasting 500 years."

Alessandro Bracci, Chairman and General Manager Teddy Spa

Our style: be entrepreneur of yourself

A corporate culture based on the spirit of shared entrepreneurship, business sustainability and a constant attention to the needs of our customers.


and widespread leadership

A corporate culture based on the spirit of entrepreneurship and widespread leadership, on teamwork, on our values, on passion and the strong sense of belonging of our people, on the possibility to grow and build something important, together with a very strong focus on the research, motivation and growth of “talents” and future leaders, in line with our corporate culture. In other words, growing many entrepreneurs of themselves.

The aim is to allow everyone to have a clear professional outlook, to be able to develop their career and express in their job all their own responsibility and skills; training programs and development plans help everyone to make the most of one’s own entrepreneurship, with the aim of growing from a human, professional and technical point of view.


Since Teddy was founded, our wish has been to build a company that lasts in time and is able to contribute to make the world a better place. We work every day for a long-term sustainable growth, bringing value to our collaborators, our business partners and stakeholders first of all. What drives us is the sense of responsibility detailed in our Dream and the wish to leave a larger and better company than the one we were given to future generations.

Our customers:
our passion

“If you listen to your customers, you’ll never get it wrong”, Vittorio Tadei always used to tell us. We aim at being a customer-oriented company, taking care of their needs, wishes and even their criticism. How do we do it? First, we gave a name to our customer, Marinella. Furthermore, we study and collect “her” feedbacks, which are at the core of our decisions. Last but not least, we try to make “her” have an experience and a product up to “her” dream through our brands.

The relationship with our customers originates from the relationship among us

“Without ambition one starts nothing’, said the philosopher R. W. Emerson: enthusiasm must be revived every day, and we try to do it supporting and promoting a relationship and a constant dialogue among the over 3,000 Teddy collaborators. How? Through corporate social media, live-streaming events and meetings and the corporate magazine: those tools help us to support the relations among us every day, in order to make us never feel alone in small and big daily challenges.

Our history


We were born in store, surrounded by products and customers

It all began when Vittorio Tadei, a young man from Rimini and a cycling enthusiast who was curious to discover more about the world, decided to leave his job as an accountant and start working in his sisters’ clothes shop in Riccione. That’s where he discovered his passion for clothing and a great rapport with customers; two passions that would shape the very soul of the future Teddy.

Going beyond Rimini Riviera

Vittorio soon opened his first artisan knitwear workshop in Rimini, supplying shops in the area. The provinces began to feel a little tight and in the 1970s he began wholesale distribution throughout Italy and opened his first shops in Emilia Romagna and the Marche. Vittorio understood one thing; it is important to produce, but also to have your pulse on distribution and be as close to customers as possible.

Working together: retail franchising and wholesale distribution

This was the turning point for Teddy. It was 1988, Terranova had been set up, as had the formula that would take it around the world and define how Teddy would carry out retail business for years to come. Teddy’s on consignment franchise formula was set up, as well as its “border factor” – in other words, the desire to continue to explore new markets that would take Terranova to 20 countries over the next 10 years. In the meantime, wholesale distribution of Italian ready fashion continued and in 2000 took the form of the Rinascimento brand that developed worldwide via a network of international wholesale outlets.

Brand values, the birth of Calliope

As Terranova continued to expand, reaching the landmark of 400 stores around the world, in 2005, Calliope - the third Teddy brand - was established. It was a time of r-evolution.
A company that has always focused on working hard, realised that the time had come to offer customers not only a product, but a benchmark world. Two new concept stores were opened and the identity of the Terranova and Calliope brands developed.

From Teddy SpA to the Teddy Group

“The joy of seeing Teddy move forward on its own two feet is the greatest joy of all”(V. Tadei)

30 November 2011; this was the day a generational transition ended. Teddy was 50 years old and Vittorio handed over the task of leading it into the future to the younger generation, laying the foundations to ensure it would last another 500 years. This was when the company consolidated its organisation, began management training and restructured corporate governance so it could tackle future challenges even more serenely.


The new distribution hub of Teddy Group: a more sustainable business, a better customer service

The new distribution hub of Gruppo Teddy opens its doors in Gatteo, just a few miles from Rimini. It is an important investment to improve the customer service and develop a more efficient and effective procurement management, besides being a step towards a more sustainable business. The building was awarded the Leed Gold-certification, which is one of the leading and most used international certification programs that will help us to reduce the environmental impact of our entire production chain over the years.

And Now?

Now we are working every day to fulfil more and more the needs of our customers, making our brands be on the top list of their preferences, facing the challenges of business digitalization and sustainability.


The Foundation and us:
learning from those who need more


"Use, every year, a part of the net profits to help weaker people, thanks to charities operating in Italy and abroad. (From Teddy Dream)


Our corporate social responsibilitiy is described in the criteria and the values contained in the Dream. One of the criteria described is to support charities and non-profit organizations: it is one of the whys of our corporate group, one of the reasons for us to exist, take risk and face the market every day. “Man is an administrator of the goods he is given and not the owner”.

This was the sentence that Vittorio Tadei read among the rubble of his bombed house in Rimini, in 1948, which inspired him throughout his life to educate his family and each one of us. For this reason, the company and Tadei family have always supported and been involved into many charity projects all over the world, through the work of the charitable foundation founded in memory of Luigi, the late son of Vittorio.

The aim of Foundation “Gigi Tadei”, shareholder of the family holding company Teddy belongs to, is to cherish, develop and make always contemporary the special passion Vittorio and Luigi Tadei had for young people and those more in need by supporting charities in Italy and all over the world.

There are hundreds of charities and people that receive a real support in their life, thanks to our work: collaborations that were created because Vittorio was himself moved when he personally met missionaries, Zambian children, Bolivian street children (chicos de la calle), educators, disabled people in Bangladesh or young people in Rimini looking for a real 'master' to help them in their life Every time we meet the people managing one of those charitable organizations, who tell us something about it, we understand that what we are given by them is much more than what we actually give them.


Learn more about our social impact:


The Rainbow Project was launched in 1998 thanks to the friendship between Vittorio Tadei and Elisabetta Garuti, a missionary in Africa working for the charity organization Pope John XXII. A large-scale model of intervention aimed at helping as many children as possible who have been made orphaned by AIDS as well as families living in poor conditions and even lacking food. Over 20 years, the Rainbow Project, which is active in Zambia Kenya Tanzania and Burundi, has helped about 20,000 people a year in different ways.

The Cooperativa “Amici di Gigi” is a cooperative including socio-educational communities, residential communities and a socio-occupational centre and it welcomes and provides support to children, teenagers and disabled people as well as to their families. The aim of this charity is to be able to stay close to these people, help them, be their friend and offer them warm, homelike places where to start interacting with the world.

The schools of Karis Foundation were founded in 1973 thanks to the passion for education and the Catholic faith and experience of a group of families and parents: today KARIS foundation runs 11 primary and secondary schools in Rimini and Riccione, with over 1400 students enrolled, and employs 200 collaborators. Karis schools are a very active organization, based on the principles of freedom of education and subsidiarity, and their mission is to help children grow and become free men and women able to meet the challenges of contemporary culture.

Education plays a key role in the construction of the society of the future.
Gigi Tadei Foundation therefore built 2 study rooms, equipped with audio and video systems, PCs, WI-FI, which are available to students. A homelike, functional place where to study and learn together with the charitable organizations guiding students through their school career and afternoon homework.