An explosion of elegance and femininity: Rinascimento opens the new concept Store

After some flagship stores, the new format of Rinascimento stores has been made official: an elegant and welcoming space where our customers will feel at home with an important innovation that will make the whole collection of our made in Italy brand available to our customers.

On the Friday before Easter, the Rinascimento customers found a great surprise: a new refined, familiar and elegant store.
Last week, Cremona welcomed the new Rinascimento store, which was opened in the Cremona Po shopping centre. After the preview in Orio al Serio in 2017, this is what will be the official format of future stores.

A welcoming, warm and relaxing environment. A bit like being in your own home…

A store that, with its shapes and colours, expresses the values of the brand: feminine, glamorous and up-to-date.
An explosion of elegance and femininity envelops those who enter into the sales point for the first time. The “catwalk” at the entrance of the store, which is framed by cascading rayon, is a warm welcome that invites customers to discover the “touches” that this store affords.

It is hard not to notice the surroundings and the mood: intimate, warm and relaxed.
The main living space, which will only be available in large enough stores, the wardrobe, the refined details, all make you want to sit down and leaf through a book, with a cup of tea or a glass of wine perhaps – depending on the time of day ;)

“This is the style Rinascimento wanted to recall with the new concept: home! – we are told by Michela Colli, from the Rinascimento Communications Team, who oversaw the project – This space has a 100% feminine allure and temperament, and it is entirely dedicated to our Marinellas to make them feel at home.
Even the changing rooms have the same aim! Velvet curtains, soft hues, elegant lighting, stools and large mirrors, everything has been designed to recreate the intimacy of one’s own bedroom!”


The architect Teresa D’Alessandro, who has been working with the brand for years, and who oversaw the project of the new concept store, told us that the project team was inspired by our customers’ style: “The main feature that stands out in the Rinascimento woman is her femininity, and in the format of the store this characteristic is highlighted by the choice of soft, elegant shapes, and by the fresh feel of the furnishings. To reinforce the glamorous style we used colours like pink and ivory for the wall paper, the glass doors, the changing rooms and the walls.”

The elegant context of the new concept highlights the fashion soul of the made in Italy Rinascimento items. A path that leads you to discover the spirit of the brand.

A new service for our customers

This first sales point in Cremona also saw the debut of two important innovations: click & collect, a service to pick up products that have been ordered online, and the chance in over 50 stores in which you can take out a loyalty card, to leaf through the very well-stocked Rinascimento online catalogue on an in-store tablet. Our customers will be able to book the items that are shown in the catalogue and order them without having to purchase them!

An important innovation meeting the needs of our customers, who would love to see all products from the online catalogue in our store too, so that they will have plenty of choice.
What is more, the new concept includes a monitor behind the cash desk, which is the most up-to-date aspect of the format. It has been designed to talk about the contemporaneous character of the Rinascimento woman. The screen in fact will present the Rinascimento social media and its digital content, the items contained in the online catalogue, and the outfits posted by Rinascimento customers directly on social media, enhancing their role as ambassadors of the brand.

Welcome to the new Rinascimento concept. We wish everyone good luck with their work! Next opening: Palermo.


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