Lucia's career growth, made of discoveries, toil and the desire to overcome her own limits

Lucia D’Ambrosio is the young store manager of Terranova store in Casamassima, Puglia (Italy), and has been working for Teddy for 8 years.

During the latest corporate conference, held on last December 14th, she shared with 1000 colleagues at the Palacongressi in Rimini her career path, made of toil but also great certainties: the importance of feeling part of a group, the emotion of discovering herself being a point of reference for her colleagues, being upset (to put it mildly…) for last-minute requests, sometimes odd ones, taking the risk and challenging herself, the will to give, and ask for, more and more, to do things better.

As Alessandro Bracci, Teddy CEO, said: “Teddy exists and will go on existing thanks to the work and work experiences like Lucia’s! This “the” Teddy that I truly love and makes me proud, but above all it is the only Teddy that can grow

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